Do you want to know what Third-Party-Logistics and fulfillment services?

Recently, Amazon has limited the inventory for sellers in the warehouse to 200 units. It has become a headache for businesses who deal in bulk orders like FBA wholesale and others. It’s severely affecting businesses with huge demand and supply, but every problem comes with a solution.
Seeing the market’s need, we’ve started a third-party logistics and fulfillment service to cater to all of your storage requirements for Amazon. It’s the perfect solution to your problem.

What type of 3PL services we do offer?

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It’s the most crucial part of 3PL services because inventory availability is the sole requirement of combating the demand of consumers. Thus, every seller needs the inventory to be stored in a 3PL warehouse or storage to make sure that their products don’t go out of stock. However, our clients need to fill a Warehouse Receiving Order (WRO), which states the product details and the number of products received. It’s essential for adequate management of your products; ultimately, it helps us in the timely shipping of products and ensures the availability of products for on-time shipments.


The next stage in the chain of 3PL services is warehousing. The products are stored in our warehouse using a systematic method. Additionally, the products are stored in dedicated shelves, pallets, or bins of different companies with unique storage locations. The warehousing capacity varies with every 3PL service provider, and some service providers have enough space to handle hundreds and even thousands of units. It is in 3PL service seekers’ best interest to choose service providers based on their order volume and inventory. All in all, the 3PL service provider warehousing must meet your inventory storage requirements.


When an order is placed, the 3PL fulfillment process begins. You must be familiar with the term pick and pack fulfillment. Let’s see how the fulfillment process works. An integrated 3PL software monitors customer orders, shipments, and stock levels to facilitate the fulfillment process efficiently, translating to completely automated shipping. Thus, the orders are directly sent to your 3PL service provider through the integrated software as soon as they are placed. Once an order is received at 3PL, the picking team is assigned the task with a detailed list, including product details, storage location, and quantity to pick the product. Afterward, the products are then picked and moved on for the next phase of packing.


When everything is in place, the next step is to ship the products to your customers by the 3PL service provider. In this stage, we advise you to follow the following steps:
Firstly, buy and print your shipping receipts.
Secondly, compare the cost of shipping with market competitors of your service provider.
Lastly, choose the best for you; 3PL service providers like us assure on-time delivery of products and the cheapest possible shipping rates.
The 3PL integrated software can easily track the orders that are on their way to the customers. Besides, it also sends the tracking details to sellers.

Shipping and Receiving

Distribution &



We hope you now know everything about 3PL.

Why are we the best?

There are many benefits to use our services. While diVerent ЗPL companies have diVerent capabilities, we over solutions for managing inventory, packaging, and shipping, ultimately providing reliable logistics and helping to maximize profitability for a business all in one Place.
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